Convert 1000+ Files for Free With This Online Tool


Use this online tool to convert over 1000 file formats for free.

Converter365 is an easy to use tool that can convert over 1000 different file formats. Upload and convert as many files at a time as you like with no wait period between conversions and no links to download a file. Files to be converted can be uploaded from your device or from a URL.

Converter365 supports converting files in all of these formats:
• Audio
• Image
• Video
• Document
• Ebook
• Presentation
• Spreadsheet
• Vector
• Archive

To use, upload your files, convert them from one file format to another, and download. You can convert multiple files simultaneously. Files sizes can’t be larger than 200 MB per conversion and uploaded files are deleted 30 minutes after conversion. is an online tool, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can convert any files, regardless of the type of device you’re using. Read More

Search Thousands of Free Stock Images From One Site


Use this site to search to find free, high quality stock images from multiple sources.

Pixel Mob acts as a search engine that pulls images from several popular stock image sources, displaying results from multiple sites at the same time.

You can visit several different sites to search for royalty free and free-to-use images for whatever you’re working on, or you can visit Pixel Mob.

Much like Librestock, Pixel Mob acts as a hub for finding free stock images you can use however you like. It pulls in images from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, and Stockvault and displays the results on one page.
As is the case with many popular free image sites, sponsored images from paid sites such as iStock or Shutterstock appear. These sponsored images appear randomly with the search results and are labeled Premium.

Creating a free account lets you create a library of images you want to save. You can use a Google or Facebook account to create an account, or use an email address.

I wasn’t able to verify that using an email address works for creating an account. I wasn’t able to login or create an account using different browsers and email addresses. I ended up in an endless loop. I went to the login page. I supplied my email address and clicked the Login / Register button. A “Success! Check your email to login” appeared.
I received an email with a link to login. Clicking the link took me to the login page at the site. I inserted my email address, clicked on Login / Register, and received a “Success! Check your email to login” message. I then received another email with a link to login. That repeated over and over. Your mileage may vary.

Pixel Mob is a good site to search for images from some of the top internet sites that have free stock photos at the same time. It has a clean, minimal easy to use interface. Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Iceland Snow Beach

WPOTWSnow Beach

This week’s wallpaper is an image of Hofn Austurland beach in Iceland.
Low ocean waves wash up on a dark sand beach. Snow clad rocky hills rise up from the water under skies that are shades of blue, light to dark. Icons show up well against this background. Read More

Download 200+ Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates


Slidesmania has over 200 Google Slides and PowerPoint templates that you can download and use for free in all your projects.

Slidesmania is a site dedicated to providing a wide range of creative and high quality free templates to use in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

The templates at Slidesmania have a variety of styles and are organized into these categories:
• Business themes and templates
• By Educators for Educators
• Celebration
• Education
• Formal themes and templates
• Fun themes and templates
• Google slides themes
• Infographics
• Resumes
• Reward systems
• Simple themes and templates

By Edu for Edu is a special section with templates that are useful for educators. Looking through the categories you’ll find templates for resumes, planners, celebrations, choice boards, games, notebooks, infographics, and more.

Templates can be saved in Google Slides or PowerPoint or as a PDF or MP4 file. There’s a helpful Google Slides How to section, and directions for converting PowerPoint to Keynote for Mac users.

Slides Carnival is another site that offers free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates.

Between the two sites, you can probably find the right template for any of your projects. Read More

Search Word Origins With This Online Etymology Dictionary


This online etymology dictionary is a terrific resource to find reliable accounts of the origin and history of English words, phrases, and idioms.

With over 50,000 entries, the Online Etymology Dictionary has enough etymological content for both academic and general interest. It’s accessible enough to be used by anyone.

The site is a great resource if you want to understand the origins of English words. It’s helpful for teachers of reading, spelling, and English as a second language and anyone who is curious about the origin of a word.

Using the Online Etymology Dictionary is straightforward, type a word into the search box and results display. There are usually several entries, the word you typed in and several related words with an additional “Related entries and more” link under each entry. A Trending Words column on the right displays current popular searches.

In addition to the web interface there’s an extension for Chrome and apps for both iOS and Android (both have in app purchases). If you’re curious about where English words originated, this is a good resource. Read More

Radio Paradise – Eclectic Ad Free Internet Radio


Curated by a real human DJ, Radio Paradise offers high quality sound with no ads or subscriptions.

Radio Paradise is an eclectic, commercial free blend of modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz that flows together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically.

Radio Paradise has some unique features:
• The ability to skip a song
• A HD-video slideshow, with a huge library of images that are matched thematically with the music
• Lyrics are displayed when available
• The Wikipedia entry for the current musician or band is displayed when available.
• There are three alternate channels available in addition to the Main Mix: RP Mellow Mix, RP Rock Mix, and RP World/Etc Mix

The settings let you choose player options: low, med, high, ultra, flac, control the amount of columns, hide the controls, and animate the slideshow.
There are brief breaks in the music every handful of songs, usually a short thank you for listening message. There are links to purchase the current music at amazon (affiliate link) and Apple music.

Radio Paradise is available on a multitude of devices. Through a browser, mobile apps for iOS and Android, in the Amazon Appstore, through Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home Pod, on TV through Roku, AppleTV, GoogleTV, Fire TV, or the TuneIn app.

Run by a couple and supported by listeners, Radio Paradise is a station with an interesting mix of music, unique features and an unusual playlist. There are over 16,000 songs in their active music library and they are always adding more. Definitely not your usual internet station, give it a try if these genres of music appeal to you. Read More

Like Sudoku and Crosswords? Enjoy Solving Kakuro Puzzles For Free


Sudoku is a popular puzzle game to hone your logical thinking skills. The rule of the game is as simple as placing the digits from 1 to 9 in a 9x9 grid so that each row, each column, and each 3x3 sub-grid contains digits 1 through 9.

If you like this type of logic game but with a mathematical transliteration of crossword, then this logic game Kakuro fills the bill.

Kakuro, originally called Cross Sums, is an abbreviation of Japanese kasan kurosu, which means "addition cross". The rule of the game is simple as well. To complete an entry of consecutive cells, put the digits within the range from 1 to 9 so that they sum up to the clue number given on the top or to the left of the entry, in which no digits may appear more than once.

In Kakuro, a clue number ranges from 3 to 49, and the number of consecutive cells ranges from 2 to 9. A typical shorthand for referring to an entry is "(a clue number)-in-(the number of consecutive cells, spelled out).

For example, 3-in-two. It means the clue number 3 sums up in two consecutive cells, in which the solutions are 1 and 2.

Play Kakuro in a web browser by heading to KakuroConquest , which offers free online kakuro puzzles in different grid sizes and difficulty levels. Or try this excellent mobile app Real Kakuro for free, available on Android and iOS platforms. Read More

Get Easy Access to Frequently Used Symbols Not on Your Keyboard


Copy and paste commonly used symbols that aren’t on your keyboard using this convenient web page.

Symbololology is a one page site with many commonplace symbols (keyboard characters) that aren't on your keyboard.

It's easy to use, click the symbol to copy it and paste it into whatever you’re working on.

The symbols are divided into these categories:

• Punctuation
• Maths, numbers & units
• Box-Drawing
• Emoticons, decoration, UI & miscellaneous
• Currency & commercial symbols
• Arrows & shapes
• Accents, ligatures & diphthongs
• Greek
• International Phonetic Alphabet
• Fancy Alphabets

The site isn’t as extensive as CopyChar (covered here); it’s one brief page with the author's most used symbols. If there are symbols (keyboard characters) you use often and they are listed on the page, it’s quite a convenient site. Read More

Easily Make GIFs From Your Computer Screen


This small utility is a screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an integrated editor. Record, edit and export parts of your PC screen and save them as a GIF or video.

ScreenToGif captures selected areas of your screen, webcam or live drawings from a sketchboard which can be saved as an animated GIF, Apng, video, image, PSD or ScreenToGif project.

ScreenToGif has lots of options. It has a clean interface and is easy enough for beginners. The program has quite a few features; you can pause and record, add text, subtitles, and title frames, add the system cursor, choose from light or dark color themes, use the older or newer interface and more.
Here’s a partial list of features:

Undo, redo or reset your edits
Copy, cut and paste frames
Select multiple frames or browse to a specific frame
Preview the playback of the animation
Capture the mouse cursor and mouse clicks
Remove duplicates
Reduce framerate
Delete all previous or all next frames
Import frames
Reverse, apply yoyo (forwards and backwards) or move frames around
Alter the delay of the frames (override, increase/decrease or scale)
Move the window around
Create tasks to apply effects to your recording, so that you don't need to manually apply them every time.
Add transitions (fade or slide effects).
Resize, crop or flip/rotate
Add captions, text, drawings or shapes
Add key strokes and mouse clicks
Add borders, shadows and obfuscate (pixelate)
Add watermarks using your own image
ScreenToGif is under active development and is available in 24 languages. There’s a good section on how to use the program on the site. It’s small and easy to use with features you wouldn’t expect to find in such a compact program.

ScreenToGif is good for making animated GIF’s to share, recording tasks such as to show people how to do things on a computer (great if you provide support for others), for teachers, to be used in marketing, blogs and presentations - basically any time you need animated visual content.

ScreenToGif runs on Windows 10|8|7|Vista|XP and requires .Net Framework 4.8 or newer. The portable and installable versions are free of malware according to Virus Total. Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Colima Volcano Eruption at Night


This week’s wallpaper shows the Colima Volcano in Mexico erupting at night. It’s a powerful night explosion with lightning, ballistic projectiles and incandescent rock falls. A lightning bolt pierces the night sky as a column of swirling ash erases the stars in its path. The image was captured by Sergio Tapiro , National Geographic 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year.

Read More

IDG neemt afscheid van Webwereld

IDG heeft een strategische koerswijziging ingezet om in de Benelux uitsluitend verder te gaan met de zakelijke titels CIO en Computerworld. Vanaf 1 maart zal deze content bovendien verplaatsen naar de global sites van en, waar IDG de Benelux regio zal bedienen met zowel Nederlandstalige als Engelstalige content.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, S20(+) en S20 Ultra Hands-on

Samsung nodigde ons uit op de drie allernieuwste smartphones van dichtbij te bekijken. Daar maakten wij dankbaar gebruik van en wij delen onze bevindingen met je.

Hands-on: Synology Virtual Machine Manager

Dat je NAS tegenwoordig voor veel meer dan alleen het opslaan van bestanden kan worden gebruikt is inmiddels bekend, maar wist je ook dat je er virtuele machines mee kan beheren? Wij leggen je uit hoe.

Wat je moet weten over FIDO-sleutels

Dankzij de FIDO2-standaard is het mogelijk om zonder wachtwoord toch veilig in te loggen bij diverse online diensten. Onder meer Microsoft en Google bieden hier al opties voor. Dit jaar volgen er waarschijnlijk meer organisaties die dit aanbieden.

Zo gebruik je je iPhone zonder Apple ID

Tegenwoordig moet je voor zo’n beetje alles wat je online wilt doen een account aanmaken, zelfs als je niet van plan bent online te werken of als je gewoon geen zin hebt om je gegevens te delen met de fabrikant. Wij laten je vandaag zien hoe je dat voor elkaar krijgt met je iPhone of iPad.

Groot lek in Internet Explorer wordt al misbruikt in het wild

Er is een nieuwe zero-day-kwetsbaarheid ontdekt in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Het nieuwe lek wordt al misbruikt en een beveiligingsupdate is nog niet beschikbaar.

Zo installeer je Chrome-extensies in de nieuwe Edge

De nieuwe versie van Edge is gebouwd met code van het Chromium-project, maar in de standaardconfiguratie worden extensies uitsluitend geïnstalleerd via de Microsoft Store. Dat is gelukkig vrij eenvoudig aan te passen.

Windows 10-upgrade nog steeds gratis

Microsoft gaf gebruikers enkele jaren geleden de mogelijkheid gratis te upgraden van Windows 7 naar Windows 10. Daarbij ging het af en toe zo ver dat zelfs gebruikers die dat niet wilden een upgrade kregen. De aanbieding is al lang en breed voorbij, maar gratis upgraden is nog steeds mogelijk en het is nu makkelijker dan ooit. Wij vertellen je hoe je dat doet.

Chrome, Edge, Firefox: Welke browser is het snelst?

Er is veel veranderd op de markt voor pc-browsers. Ongeveer vijf jaar geleden was er nog meer concurrentie en geheel eigen ontwikkeling, nu zijn er nog maar twee engines over: die achter Chrome en die achter Firefox. Met de release van de Blink-gebaseerde Edge van Microsoft deze maand kijken we naar benachmarks en praktijktests.

Cooler Master herontwerpt koelpasta-tubes wegens drugsverdenkingen

Cooler Master heeft het uiterlijk van z’n koelpasta-spuiten aangepast omdat het bedrijf het naar eigen zeggen beu is om steeds te moeten uitleggen aan ouders dat de inhoud geen drugs is, maar koelpasta.

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Psychological barriers that stop you from adapting

Right now, many individuals and organizations are reassessing their roles. Some face uncomfortable changes. Others face big, daunting opportunities. At Conversion Rate Experts, we find it easy to reposition our clients’ companies—and we’ve had some great successes from doing so. But when it comes to repositioning our own company, we notice we feel a psychological resistance. In this article, we describe some psychological phenomena that make people reluctant to adapt—even when it’s clearly the rational thing to do. This is one of a series of articles trying to help in these turbulent times. We have published advice to help with remote working, living in lockdown, finding opportunities to be valuable, selling remotely, and quickly writing pages to increase sales.

How to find opportunities to be valuable right now (a 7-step process)

The world’s needs have quickly changed. Whole industries are in shutdown. Others are experiencing unprecedented demand. The shift has led to many new needs that are currently under-served. If you can identify them and provide solutions, there are huge opportunities to be had. We created the following flow to identify opportunities for our clients and for our business. It has been useful for us, so we are sharing it in the hope that it might help you—or your company. We imagine it won’t be fruitful in every case, but it can uncover opportunities for transformative breakthroughs. Many verticals are growing rapidly right now.

78 tips for “lockdown working”

Cabin fever has always been one of the biggest challenges of remote working. Most solutions involve “getting out of the house.” What everyone’s doing now, though, isn’t remote working—it’s lockdown working. Lockdown working takes cabin fever to a new level, and demands different solutions. Our team members are based in eight countries worldwide—each under different levels of lockdown. We asked them what they are doing to overcome cabin fever. We’re aware that cabin fever is the least of many people’s problems right now. Many of our family, friends, and followers are having to endure much tougher challenges.

Answers to your hardest remote-working challenges

Remote working can greatly increase your productivity. If you do it right. (Image credit: @pettyclegg.) What you’ll get on this page 100+ tips and resources (with more being added). Recent updates are highlighted in green. Practical advice and proven systems, based on our 14 years managing an international remote-working company. For entrepreneurs, managers, and employees. The media has been churning out nonsense tips. We are focusing on what works and what matters. If your remote-working question isn’t answered, submit it to us. Our goal is to help as many people as we can. Most articles about remote work miss the point Many guides to remote working are written by people who are new to it.

How to quickly write pages to increase sales

—includes the “vital few” copywriting techniques that have the greatest impact on profits. The needs and situations of most companies’ visitors have changed dramatically over the last week or so. We are helping our clients to rapidly adapt their websites and services. The following talk, “How to beat most professional copywriters,” is particularly useful right now—as a reminder of what to focus on—so we have edited its video and updated its slides. We have also added a transcript, so you can get the information quicker. Everything you need to quickly create incredibly effective pages, sales scripts, videos, and emails We are obsessive about copywriting.

Selling remotely: A proven 11-step workflow to grow your business with remote sales calls and webinars

If coronavirus has forced you to start selling remotely, please don’t let this article overwhelm you. It has taken us over ten years to optimize the following workflow. Right now, your audience will sympathize with your situation. They won’t expect polish. They won’t be surprised if your kids walk in. Rather than follow the whole workflow, you might want to copy it and then delete all the parts that aren’t a high priority for you right now. Our entire workflow for setting up and presenting successful remote sales calls and webinars, including… Three reasons why we sell remotely—and why you probably should too.

We’re assembling a guide to remote working. Let us know your questions.

We hope you are well. You may be working from home. Or perhaps you are still going to the office, but might be sent home at any moment. Maybe you’re a leader who hasn’t led a remote team before. Since our company began in 2006, it has been 100% remote. Our team members are spread across eight countries worldwide, and we have worked with clients in 37 countries. We have experienced almost every remote-working pain point there is. Fortunately, through a lot of trial and error, we have found solutions to nearly all of them. We are working hard to assemble some of our most useful in-house documents into a guide to remote working.

The Infinite Manager: How flows can eliminate work, so you only have to think once

The following excerpt is from our in-house onboarding flow for new team members. We are publishing it as a series of articles, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The series describes the unconventional operating system that has enabled our small team to have such an impact on the web’s leading companies. In this part, we give an example of a simple flow we created, and the four types of benefits that flows give. One reason to create flows is so you can do all the hard thinking once. When you write down a flow for the first time, the written version augments your memory, so you can approach the work more logically.

“More than a million euros in additional revenue,” for sofatutor, an online educational platform

sofatutor is an online educational platform, providing tutorials for school and college students to learn course topics and study for exams. A short video interview with the client window._wq = window._wq || []; _wq.push({ id: "aqvlydhvxl", options: { plugin: { "postRoll-v1": { raw: 'To start growing your profits, 1. Get a free copy of our our best‑selling book 2. Book your FREE website strategy session ' } } } }); “We’ve doubled the number of tests we are shipping,” says Stephan Bayer, CEO and founder of sofatutor. A transcript of the video “The experience with Conversion Rate Experts has been great.

Should you apply your CRO skills to a wider area of influence?

With CRO, you can transform almost every aspect of a business. In this article, we give examples that might inspire you to broaden the scope of your influence… While studying the analytics for client Morph Costumes, we noticed that visitors were searching for “Slender Man costumes.” Morph Costumes responded quickly, launching a Slender Man suit that became a top seller. (See our testimonial from Morph Costumes.) Beyond landing pages Many people wrongly believe that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about arbitrarily tweaking page elements. Some think it’s limited to landing pages—which seems perplexingly arbitrary to us. CRO applies to every customer interaction in the business, through the whole customer lifetime experience.

The biggest opportunities look like toys

“When something is described as a toy, that means it has everything an idea needs except being important. It’s cool; users love it; it just doesn’t matter. But if you’re living in the future and you build something cool that users love, it may matter more than outsiders think.”—Paul Graham You can find opportunities by searching for things that are growing fast but aren’t taken seriously yet. Public opinion tends to be a lagging indicator of success—so success often feels like finding money on the pavement, and then looking around suspiciously, wondering why other people haven’t taken it.

The Infinite Manager: Duplication is evil

The following excerpt is from our in-house onboarding flow for new team members. We are publishing it as a series of articles, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The series describes the unconventional operating system that has enabled our small team to have such an impact on the web’s leading companies. Duplication is evil—because duplicated information leads to chaos The following diagram shows how: It’s extremely hard to manage an information-based company without creating a disorganized mess. One insidious cause of such mess is duplicated information. Software engineers know this well. They use the term duplication is evil.

Tools and tips: the world’s fastest projects; 3X your speed with kaizen; and how to use heat maps

Happy New Year! We hope your 2020 turns out to be as good as its name sounds. (Not since 1999 and 2000 have we had such good year names, and we won’t have another till 2222.) Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another (We don’t profit from recommending things. We just love sharing things we think you’ll appreciate. You can see our other Tips and Tools articles here.) Take inspiration from projects that were completed “impossibly” quickly The Eiffel Tower was built in just two years and two months. Stripe’s CEO, Patrick Collison, has compiled a list of projects that were completed incredibly quickly.

Let us help you do something awesome in 2020

As of today, we are accepting clients for the start of 2020 If you’re keen to start the year with a big success, then now’s the time to act. This year was our busiest yet, and we always become fully booked within several days of publishing a message like this. To explore how we can help, just submit this form → Our service is the culmination of everything we’ve learned from growing the web’s most sophisticated companies. Our recent advances include… We have created a new Competitor Analysis accelerator. We review your competitors, and then tell you the techniques you should adopt, the weaknesses in their marketing that you can exploit, and the weaknesses in your marketing that they could exploit.

A slightly fun, tenuously festive 10-minute accessibility challenge

The other day, we re-ran the accessibility tool tota11y on our website. The test suggested that our company’s green was slightly difficult to read for people with visual impairments. Not terrible, but not great. So, on the spot, we decided to change it to a shade that’s darker. We changed our green from #74A200 (left) to #42790C (right). Rebranding was far from our minds on that day, but we figured that functional improvement—and inclusivity—should take priority over any other aspects of branding. Which led us to think of… A 10-minute challenge to improve the accessibility of your website This holiday season, let’s give the gift of making the web accessible to more people.

If you take lots of screenshots on a Mac, you’ll love these little-known tips

(If you know an equivalent resource for Windows or Chrome, please let us know, and we’ll link to it from this page.) When you’re improving a website, you need to take many screenshots. Our team members take hundreds or thousands of them each year. So we were pleased when Corey Ginnivan of Appbot posted some extremely useful (and little-known) tips for taking screenshots with a Mac. To help our team members learn the techniques (along with a few tips of our own), we created the following video: window._wq = window._wq || []; _wq.push({ id: "ysd0mhjjvq", options: { plugin: { "

The Infinite Manager: An exercise to make you rethink how you manage projects

The following excerpt is from our in-house onboarding flow for new team members. We are publishing it as a series of articles, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The series describes the unconventional operating system that has enabled our small team to have such an impact on the web’s leading companies. In part 1, we explained why Meetings Managers (people who manage using meetings) are much less efficient than Flow Managers (people who manage using flows). In part 2, we showed how we manage our own work using flows. In this part, we describe the philosophy of management that inspired how we do things.

Tools and tips: A website accelerator; MailChimp tips; scanning documents; an accessibility tool; and a logo test

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another (We don’t profit from recommending things. We just love sharing things we think you’ll appreciate. You can see our other Tips and Tools articles here.) Make your website load much faster Quicklink is a tiny script from GoogleChromeLabs that makes your pages load almost instantly. It works by prefetching every link that’s currently visible in the viewport (so it works on every page except the page on which the visitor arrived). It works as follows… Detects links within the viewport Waits till the browser is idle Checks the user isn’t on a slow connection Prefetches URLs For that reason, it’s unlikely to work well on an e-commerce site that has many links on each page.

How to get an unfair advantage

Would you like your business to become easier to grow each year? If so, you need what Warren Buffett calls a moat. We have written elsewhere about strategies to beat your competitors. One particularly effective strategy is to build what Warren Buffett calls a moat. A moat is an economic advantage that protects a company from the attacks of competitors. Ideally, a company would have multiple moats. A moat is an unfair advantage. Guy Kawasaki talks about how a business must identify its potential unfair advantages and then cultivate them. Why are moats so important?

Tips and tools: Realistic mockups; email templates; full-page screenshots on mobile; and more

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another (We don’t profit from recommending things. We just love sharing things we think you’ll appreciate. You can see our other Tips and Tools articles here.) Bring your designs to life with beautiful, realistic object mockups When we announced our Blueprint Report service, it took us over an hour to take the photos: We could have used Yellow Images instead. Yellow Images allows you to create object mockups (iPhones, iPads, mugs, T-shirts, etc.) from your designs, to show what they’ll look like in the real world.