Try this Evernote-like Open Source Note Taking App for Free


Joplin is a free, open source, note taking and to-do application for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and the terminal.

Joplin is packed with a lot of features, has a great user interface and is easy to configure and use. Joplin can handle a large number of notes that can be organized into notebooks. Notes are searchable and can be copied, tagged and modified either from the application directly or from your own text editor.

Joplin is considered a good alternative to Evernote, if you use Evernote you might want to give it a look. It's free and has the advantage of being able to synchronize across multiple devices.

- Web Clipper for Firefox and Chrome.
- Format notes with Markdown, HTML, or plain text.
- End To End Encryption (disabled by default)
- Synchronizes with online services including NextCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and OneDrive.
- Support for numerous file attachment formats (images, PDF, documents, add links and code, etc.)
- Supports to-dos and tags
- Support for notifications in mobile and desktop applications.
- Geo-location support.
- Import Evernote files
- Export JEX files (Joplin Export format) and raw files.
- External editor support - open notes in your favorite external editor
- Supports multiple languages
- Open source, code on Github

Joplin supports two kinds of notes: plain notes and to-do notes.
- Plain notes are documents containing text and other content.
- To-do notes have a checkbox in the notes list that allows you to mark them "done." And since the to-do note is still a note, you can include lists, documentation, and additional to-do items in a to-do note. Notes can be tagged and there’s a built in search if you need to find something.

Some other useful features are note history, a line, word and character counter, drag and drop to other notebooks, creation of sub notebooks and the ability to change themes: light, dark, and a few others.
There's a Web Clipper add-on that will save web pages, screenshots, selections and URL's from your browser. It's available for Firefox and Chrome. To use the Web Clipper, make sure Joplin is running, go the Tools menu at the top, select Web Clipper, choose enable Web Clipper and install the extension or add-on for Chrome or Firefox (links are provided to each). Once the Web Clipper is enabled, use the Joplin icon to select and copy content from your browser to Joplin.

US users may want to change the default options for language (English UK), date format (day, month, year) page size (A4) or time format (24 hour clock) to ones that are standard in the US.

Joplin is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and the terminal. There’s a portable version for Windows. VirusTotal says the two Windows versions are free of malware.

Joplin is a useful note taking app with quite a few features in a small package that synchronizes across all your devices.

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Use These Tips and Tools to Set Up Remote Support for Friends and Family


If you can’t be on site to help friends and family with computer issues, this article has some good tools and tips on setting up remote support.

If you’re the person family and friends rely on for help with computers it’s a good idea to get remote support set up for the times you can’t be there in person.

Ed Bott has some terrific ideas and tips for setting up remote support along with some suggestions for useful services and programs. The article is worth a read with excellent suggestions if you provide (or will need to provide) remote support for anyone or want to know how it’s done for future reference – his tips and suggestions are excellent guidelines. His suggestions cover four areas:

• Install remote support tools
If you’ve ever tried to help someone and they don’t know how to explain what they see on the screen it’s best to have a system in place where you can see what is going on and make any needed changes or repairs. Along with other services in the article he recommends Team Viewer or AnyDesk . Both are free for personal use but do have a look at the other tools he mentions, one might work best for your situation.

• Install video chat software on desktop and mobile devices
Along with other familiar services Webex Meetings and Zoom are two free recommendations.

• Set up a shared folder in the cloud
Setting up a folder in the cloud is a great idea – store diagnostic programs, tools or utilities so both parties can access it at your preferred cloud storage service like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

• Get updates and security software in order
While things are running right is the best time to check that remote support clients are updated, security software is working, and password managers are properly configured so family and friends can stay in touch and get remote assistance with computing issues. Setting up remote assistance in advance so it's running smoothly and friends and family are familiar with how it works is good preparation for any future disruptions where help will be needed.

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Useful Dashboards for Tracking the Coronavirus


Track the Coronavirus around the world in real time with these dashboards.

These dashboards aggregate data and create maps and visuals that various information about the Coronavirus, where it's been, current statistics, where it's spreading, and its epidemiology and transmission.

There are many dashboards tracking the Coronavirus, not all of them are created equal. Here are some of the ones that use data from a variety of accurate sources and have unique and useful features or focus.

The actual name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2. The name of the disease it causes is COVID-19. The "type" of virus is a Coronavirus. These terms and COVID-19 seem to be used interchangeably. The WHO (World Health Organization) named the disease . For the purposes of this article, "Coronavirus" will be used.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
This is the most popular dashboard, not only for its appearance and interactive features but because data is updated in real time and has a mobile version. The dashboard shows the location and number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, deaths and recoveries for all affected countries. Zooming in on an area and clicking the red dot shows how many cases in that location that are confirmed, recovered, active, and deaths. You can view actual, logarithmic and daily cases.

Bing COVID-19 Tracker
This dashboard is easy to use and has a clean and minimal interface. It has the standard amount of information with the addition of related news stories when clicking on a country.

This dashboard is a bit scarce on details but has a good animation of the history and current status of the spread of the Coronavirus.

The New York Times
This dashboard is very easy to read and shows each information related to each continent, with links to other stories. It's not interactive and isn't updated in real time, though still a good resource.

This dashboard is for anyone interested in the genomic epidemiology of the coronavirus. The transmission animation is particularly well done.
This dashboard has a very easy to use interface with data display that's updated in real time, a separate map display, a wiki, and a newsletter. If you click on an location a side box appears with relevant information, links to government sites where available and photos from Google Maps. Very well done and impressive because it's done by a person high school in the USA as a coding project. Features are added with input and requests from site visitors.

List of Novel Coronavirus Dashboards
This is a list of Coronavirus dashboards that have been created with the Esri platform, the same platform as the Johns Hopkins dashboard. Quality varies but there are some interesting dashboards in different areas like a dispersion daily update and some that are focused on certain countries or areas. Read More

Engross Yourself In This Entertaining and Challenging Puzzle Game (iOS, Android)


Puzzle games to match three tiles in a row like Tetris and Magic Jewelry are usually fast-paced to test your reaction skills. They are fun, exciting and entertaining to play but with less room for brain exercises.

If you like the Tetris type of games but with a twist for slow-paced gameplay and more tricky challenges, go for this intriguing match-3 puzzle game Move the Box.

Available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, this game allows you to eliminate three or more boxes of the same kind in a line from the dock, within very limited moves but unlimited time.

Think out of the box to solve every puzzle as it gets harder as you progress on this game, which is equipped with more than 190 puzzles, nicely blended with various themes, artistic backdrops and background music in a user interface pleasing to the eyes.

Play this game and exercise your brain when you have some free time to spend. Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Shoreline Boulders


This week’s wallpaper shows a trio of boulders on the shore of Boulder Beach in Dunedin, NZ. Three round boulders rise out of calm water that stretches to the horizon where it meets the muted colors of the sky at first or last light. Icons show up pretty well against this quiet background.
The original image was taken by Boris Baldinger and can be found at Unsplash . The link below is to the Wallpaper Abyss where more sizes are easily downloaded. Read More

Restore and Protect Your Internet Privacy with This Useful Site


Restore Privacy is a privacy and security resource that provides useful, reliable and current information about how to get and stay as private and possible on the internet. The site evaluates and suggests secure options for email, browsers, VPNs, search engines, password managers, ad blockers and more. There are guides, tools, suggestions and reviews on a number of topics to help you be more secure on the internet.

The alternatives to Google services is useful if you want to move away from the range of Google services, it has many usable and workable alternatives.
There are guides on setting up and customizing programs, information on world surveillance alliances (Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, 14 Eyes) and a recommended privacy set up if you don’t want to read through the suggestions. Most people will be able to set up and use the solutions on the site as the information is clear and easy to understand.

Most of the services and programs on the site are free. The VPNs are paid and the secure email suggestions are a mix of free and paid.
Here are quick links to areas of interest on the site. All the suggestions for programs and services are under the Privacy Tools section.

Google Alternatives – A complete list of alternatives for all Google products
Firefox Privacy – A complete how-to guide to customize Firefox for privacy and security
Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, 14 Eyes – The surveillance alliances that are spying on you
Browser Fingerprinting – The risks and solutions explained
Tor – Is it a trustworthy and safe privacy tool?
VPN vs Tor – Which to choose?
Privacy Tools – The complete list
WebRTC Leaks – What this is and how to protect yourself
Antivirus privacy – Is your antivirus spying on you?
Alarming Cybersecurity Statistics – Latest trends and analysis
Identity Theft and Fraud – Problems and solutions

All the information on the site is free and open to everyone. There are no ads though the site accepts donations and earns a small commission if anything is purchased through the site.

The site is worth a visit if you’re interested in privacy and what tools are available or you want to increase or restore your privacy.

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Recover Product Keys From Your PC With This Free App


This program quickly scans your PC and finds product keys, serial numbers and registration details for Windows and a large variety of additional software and games. It will scan and display registration information for most Windows versions, most Office versions (Microsoft Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Works) and programs like Dragon, AutoCAD, Adobe, ACDSee, Corel, O & O, EA and PopCap games, VMWare and more.

SteroJo Key Finder is very easy to use. Download, install and run the program and one click displays all the licenses on your Windows computer. You can copy all the license keys or individual keys and save them as a text file. There are options to recover keys from current or external Windows directories or do a Deep Registry Scan.

Note: since SterJo Key Finder scans your registry to locate registration keys (similar activity to some malware), some anti-virus programs may flag the program as unsafe and some anti-virus programs may identify the authors site as having a PUP or other issue. Double check the result of your anti-virus programs results with other programs or online services, it's not unusual for anti-virus programs to report false positives and some anti-virus programs generate more false positives than others.

SterJo Key Finder runs on Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, and Windows XP. There’s an installable and a portable version. The installable version is free of malware according to VirusTotal. The installable version has an ad during installation offering the option to download other software - uncheck the box if you aren't interested in the software. Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Sun Rays Piercing Through Evergreen Forest


This week’s wallpaper shows sun rays piercing through tall, thin, nicely spaced evergreens, lighting up the foliage on the ground and radiating into the blue sky. Icons show up pretty well on this background in most areas.
The original photograph by Phillipe Clairo is at Interfacelift and was taken while hiking on the Kimberley Northstar Mountain nordic track, in British Columbia, Canada (the Interfacelift site is accessible at times and inaccessible at others, the link below is reliable).

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Miss Windows Movie Maker? Try this Free Cross-Platform Video Editor


This free cross-platform video editor is suitable for beginning and advanced video editing with a raft of features for audio, video, editing, and display. It’s a good alternative for Windows Movie Maker.

Shotcut is an open source, cross-platform video editor with an intuitive interface and a long list of great features. The tools are easily accessible from the interface and panels are dockable and undockable so you can arrange the layout as you work.

The program has a large, impressive list of features , here’s a few of them:

4K resolution support
Wide format support
Support for the latest audio and video formats thanks to FFmpeg
Supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WebP formats as well as image sequences
Long list of video filters
Drag and drop support from File Manager
Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI for input and preview monitoring
AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA hardware encoding
Codec independent – no system codecs needed
Detailed information views
Media input your screen, various audio capture devices and webcam.
Dark, Light, and System themes
If, like me, you’re new to video editing, Shotcut has tutorials on their YouTube channel and a list of royalty free media on their resources page . (royalty free doesn’t necessarily mean free of charge)

Shotcut runs on:
· Windows 7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit (portable and installer versions, both are malware free according to VirusTotal)
· macOS 64-bit 10.10+
· Linux 64-bit portable and AppImage.

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Download over 59,000 Professional Sound Effects for Free


Zapsplat offers free sounds that can be used by anyone in videos, podcasts, apps, games, animations, cartoons and other projects. The sound effects are sorted in these categories:

Food and Drink
Foley (Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality)
Musical Office
Public Places
Science Fiction
Sound Design
The sound effects are free to use after registerting at the site. The licensing terms for free sounds are attribution/credit required in the form of a credit/link back to the website.

If that licensing structure isn’t workable for a project, these two other sites are worth a look … Read More

IDG neemt afscheid van Webwereld

IDG heeft een strategische koerswijziging ingezet om in de Benelux uitsluitend verder te gaan met de zakelijke titels CIO en Computerworld. Vanaf 1 maart zal deze content bovendien verplaatsen naar de global sites van en, waar IDG de Benelux regio zal bedienen met zowel Nederlandstalige als Engelstalige content.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, S20(+) en S20 Ultra Hands-on

Samsung nodigde ons uit op de drie allernieuwste smartphones van dichtbij te bekijken. Daar maakten wij dankbaar gebruik van en wij delen onze bevindingen met je.

Hands-on: Synology Virtual Machine Manager

Dat je NAS tegenwoordig voor veel meer dan alleen het opslaan van bestanden kan worden gebruikt is inmiddels bekend, maar wist je ook dat je er virtuele machines mee kan beheren? Wij leggen je uit hoe.

Wat je moet weten over FIDO-sleutels

Dankzij de FIDO2-standaard is het mogelijk om zonder wachtwoord toch veilig in te loggen bij diverse online diensten. Onder meer Microsoft en Google bieden hier al opties voor. Dit jaar volgen er waarschijnlijk meer organisaties die dit aanbieden.

Zo gebruik je je iPhone zonder Apple ID

Tegenwoordig moet je voor zo’n beetje alles wat je online wilt doen een account aanmaken, zelfs als je niet van plan bent online te werken of als je gewoon geen zin hebt om je gegevens te delen met de fabrikant. Wij laten je vandaag zien hoe je dat voor elkaar krijgt met je iPhone of iPad.

Groot lek in Internet Explorer wordt al misbruikt in het wild

Er is een nieuwe zero-day-kwetsbaarheid ontdekt in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Het nieuwe lek wordt al misbruikt en een beveiligingsupdate is nog niet beschikbaar.

Zo installeer je Chrome-extensies in de nieuwe Edge

De nieuwe versie van Edge is gebouwd met code van het Chromium-project, maar in de standaardconfiguratie worden extensies uitsluitend geïnstalleerd via de Microsoft Store. Dat is gelukkig vrij eenvoudig aan te passen.

Windows 10-upgrade nog steeds gratis

Microsoft gaf gebruikers enkele jaren geleden de mogelijkheid gratis te upgraden van Windows 7 naar Windows 10. Daarbij ging het af en toe zo ver dat zelfs gebruikers die dat niet wilden een upgrade kregen. De aanbieding is al lang en breed voorbij, maar gratis upgraden is nog steeds mogelijk en het is nu makkelijker dan ooit. Wij vertellen je hoe je dat doet.

Chrome, Edge, Firefox: Welke browser is het snelst?

Er is veel veranderd op de markt voor pc-browsers. Ongeveer vijf jaar geleden was er nog meer concurrentie en geheel eigen ontwikkeling, nu zijn er nog maar twee engines over: die achter Chrome en die achter Firefox. Met de release van de Blink-gebaseerde Edge van Microsoft deze maand kijken we naar benachmarks en praktijktests.

Cooler Master herontwerpt koelpasta-tubes wegens drugsverdenkingen

Cooler Master heeft het uiterlijk van z’n koelpasta-spuiten aangepast omdat het bedrijf het naar eigen zeggen beu is om steeds te moeten uitleggen aan ouders dat de inhoud geen drugs is, maar koelpasta.

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Selling remotely: A proven 11-step workflow to grow your business with remote sales calls and webinars

If coronavirus has forced you to start selling remotely, please don’t let this article overwhelm you. It has taken us over ten years to optimize the following workflow. Right now, your audience will sympathize with your situation. They won’t expect polish. They won’t be surprised if your kids walk in. Rather than follow the whole […]

We’re assembling a guide to remote working. Let us know your questions.

We hope you are well. You may be working from home. Or perhaps you are still going to the office, but might be sent home at any moment. Maybe you’re a leader who hasn’t led a remote team before. Since our company began in 2006, it has been 100% remote. Our team members are spread […]

The Infinite Manager: How flows can eliminate work, so you only have to think once

One reason to create flows is so you can do all the hard thinking once. When you write down a flow for the first time, the written version augments your memory, so you can approach the work more logically. Here’s a simple example. When we started our company, we used to receive an email from […]

“More than a million euros in additional revenue,” for sofatutor, an online educational platform

sofatutor is an online educational platform, providing tutorials for school and college students to learn course topics and study for exams. A short video interview with the client A transcript of the video “The experience with Conversion Rate Experts has been great. We’ve doubled the number of tests we are shipping now. And we’ve made […]

Should you apply your CRO skills to a wider area of influence?

With CRO, you can transform almost every aspect of a business. In this article, we give examples that might inspire you to broaden the scope of your influence… Beyond landing pages Many people wrongly believe that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about arbitrarily tweaking page elements. Some think it’s limited to landing pages—which seems perplexingly arbitrary […]

The biggest opportunities look like toys

“When something is described as a toy, that means it has everything an idea needs except being important. It’s cool; users love it; it just doesn’t matter. But if you’re living in the future and you build something cool that users love, it may matter more than outsiders think.”—Paul Graham You can find opportunities by […]

The Infinite Manager: Duplication is evil

The following excerpt is from our in-house onboarding flow for new team members. We are publishing it as a series of articles, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The series describes the unconventional operating system that has enabled our small team to have such an impact on the web’s leading companies. Duplication is evil—because duplicated information leads to chaos […]

Tools and tips: the world’s fastest projects; 3X your speed with kaizen; and how to use heat maps

Happy New Year! We hope your 2020 turns out to be as good as its name sounds. (Not since 1999 and 2000 have we had such good year names, and we won’t have another till 2222.) Take inspiration from projects that were completed “impossibly” quickly Stripe’s CEO, Patrick Collison, has compiled a list of projects […]

Let us help you do something awesome in 2020

As of today, we are accepting clients for the start of 2020 If you’re keen to start the year with a big success, then now’s the time to act. This year was our busiest yet, and we always become fully booked within several days of publishing a message like this. To explore how we can […]

A slightly fun, tenuously festive 10-minute accessibility challenge

The other day, we re-ran the accessibility tool tota11y on our website. The test suggested that our company’s green was slightly difficult to read for people with visual impairments. Not terrible, but not great. So, on the spot, we decided to change it to a shade that’s darker. Rebranding was far from our minds on […]