How to Schedule or Delay Sending Email Messages


Whether it's after an event, a meeting or due to a time zone difference, here are the directions for sending email when you want it to be delivered for these popular programs and services:

Gmail web client
Gmail Mobile client
Yahoo (requires creating an account at , 10 free messages a month)
Outlook (web) requires an account at boomerang 10 free messages a month)
Outlook (desktop) (related: create a template that automatically includes a send delay for all messages you create and send)
Schedule Emails Using Google Sheets (good for sending batches of emails to different people)
The article has complete and clear directions on Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Green Forest Reflection


This weeks wallpaper is a steep hill of intensely green pines reflected in water. Tall thin pines lining a steep hill reflect soft greens in a lake. The reflections are slightly blurred and blended enough to look like a watercolor painting. The contrast between the sharp needles and thin lines of the pines and the luminous, soft outlines of the reflected trees form a variegated green contrast. Icons show up fairly well in most areas of the background. Read More

How to Restore Internet Access After a Windows 10 Update

If a Windows 10 update or other issue prevents you from getting online, this guide has steps to resolve common connection problems.

If you're having trouble connecting to the internet after a Windows 10 update, this guide walks you through a number of steps recommended by Microsoft to get back online. If you're having connection related issues that aren't related to an update or you aren't using Windows 10, many of these troubleshooting tips can be used on other versions of Windows. Read More

Test Web Pages Across Multiple Browsers and Operating Systems for Free

Check how web pages look across browsers and platforms with this free site.

If you develop websites or create web pages it's good to check how they'll look in different browsers and different operating systems. Comparium can test how web pages look in different browsers and different operating systems in one click.

Go to the site and enter the URL of the page you want to test. Choose any or all operating systems and any or all available browsers and click or tap the "Create Screens" button. A window will open showing you all the configurations you chose. It can take a short time for them to load if you opted for several configurations. Any options that aren't available are greyed out, for example, Safari doesn't run on Linux so it isn't an option.
You can add more configuration options from the results page so you don't need to return to the home page.

Comparium currently supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0 browsers and Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.
Comparium is a new service and is at 1.0 at the moment with more planned features and support for mobile devices down the road.

This is a real time saver for testing how web pages will display across browsers and platforms, and being able to choose multiple operating systems and browsers and have them display on one screen is a big plus.  Read More

Where to Download Offline Installers for Firefox and Chrome

Normally Chrome and Firefox download a small online installer and when it's run, it downloads the rest of the program. Here's how to download the complete program with all the setup files.

While many programs and most browsers these days provide a small online installer that downloads the rest of the program, there are times when downloading the full program is a better option. Slow connections, limited or metered bandwidth, no internet connection, needing to install a browser on more than one computer or reinstall a browser if issues crop up are reasons to download a standalone/offline installer.

A standalone (or offline) installer has all the files to install and run the program, no additional downloads are required.

Here are the links to the offline installers for Firefox and Chrome... Read More

Use Two-Factor Authentication To Enhance Your Account Security

Over the past few years, billions of accounts have been compromised as shown in a data breach search website Have I Been Pwned , which is maintained by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director.

Using a secure and unique password for your account helps reduce the risk of your account being hacked, but usernames and passwords alone are not enough. Do a step further with two-factor authentication (2FA) if you need to strengthen security of your accounts.

Instead of using SMS for 2FA, there are a few apps that generate codes on your mobile phone to verify your account when you log in. Google Authenticator is one of them that generate verification codes without a data connection. It works with many other providers and accounts besides the Google Account.

To enable 2FA for supported sites, the steps are quite simple and similar among the providers…  Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Oumuamua Asteroid

This weeks wallpaper is an image of the Oumuamua Asteroid as it makes its way through space. The asteroid takes center stage with the sun reflecting light off the surfaces of the asteroid. Stars are pinpoints of light in the background. The overall gray tones of this background show icons quite well in all but the brightest areas. This background looks much better on a large screen than is seen here.  Read More

How to Get More Google Search Results per Page

If getting 10 search results back in Google Search is too small, here's how to increase the amount of results Google Search will return.

By default, all search terms you type into Google Search return 10 results. If you'd like to see more, you can change how many search results appear.

There are two ways to change the amount of results that Google Search returns. One is to change the number in the Google preferences page, the other is to add a search parameter to an individual URL…  Read More

How To Stop Desktop Icons from Rearranging in Windows

Tidy up desktop icons and prevent them from being rearranged with this Windows program.

If your Windows desktop icons get rearranged without you doing anything or making any changes or someone else moves them around, this small utility keeps them in place.

Occasionally when I boot my computer up, my desktop icons are rearranged or moved. I have two monitors, it's disconcerting to find several icons moved to the other monitor and seemingly stacked one atop another, so they have to be moved one at a time to the original monitor. They haven't moved since I installed DeskLock.

For DeskLock to work properly, it needs to be installed as Administrator. After downloading and unzipping DeskLock, open the folder, right click on DeskLock.exe and choose Run as administrator. Note that opening an elevated command prompt and installing DeskLock doesn't lock the desktop. It doesn't allow anything on the desktop to be moved, but if you click and drag an icon, it will move from its position and be automatically inserted into the next available space while the other icons shift a space to maintain position.

You may want to arrange your desktop the way you prefer before installing DeskLock. You can easily enable and disable the program by double clicking the icon in the system tray, but arranging icons in your preferred configuration before you install the program could save some time. Any new desktop icons will be added to next available space in the grid.  Read More

Easily Download YouTube Videos With This Free Program for Windows

This free program lets you download YouTube videos in a few clicks.

Downloading video and audio from YouTube couldn't be easier - copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video, choose the format, and click Download.

If you're looking for a simple way to download YouTube videos quickly, this program has a clean and simple interface to download video and audio in a few steps.
After you download and install the program, paste the URL of the YouTube video into the box. The process starts automatically and a window will pop up that displays all the available output options for that particular video (1080p 720p 480p 360p or audio only). Choose your output and where you want the video saved and click the Download button. That's it.

A neat feature of the program is the option to save the video as an MP3 file at the same time as the video download. It downloads to the same folder the video is saved in, though in my testing it downloaded the MP3 at lower kbps than other programs that convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube is a good choice for fast and easy downloads. It doesn't have all the features other programs have but for a simple to use program it's a good option. (Note: Videos may have copyright restrictions that don't allow downloading, it's good to check permissions first)

Runs on: Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit versions)  Read More

View Almost All Image File Formats in Windows File Explorer With This Free Program

Sage Thumbs is a small, free Windows utility that allows users to preview 162 image formats, including Photoshop files in Windows File Explorer.

Windows File Explorer, by default, can't show all image file formats. If there are files you can't view in Windows File Explorer, this handy utility adds support for most image formats. It displays supported image files in Windows File Explorer whether you're using icon or any other view, by right clicking on the file name or an image.

The Sage Thumbs menu offers a number of other features, including the ability to convert images to JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG with a single click, shows image size and type, can set an image as your wallpaper, send an image or thumbnail by email, and can copy images to the clipboard without opening them first.

SageThumbs is a Windows Explorer context menu extension. There is no executable file to start the program.
To use it, just open any folder with image files in Windows File Explorer, and then right click a file you want to preview. You'll see the thumbnail and menu immediately in the context menu. If you want to preview Photoshop and other image files as thumbnails, set the View options in Windows File Explorer to one of the icon options (small, medium, large, and extra large icons). You can access SageThumbs options menu through the right click menu or from the SageThumb entry in the Windows Start menu.  Read More

Zo start je Windows 10 zonder wachtwoord

Je wachtwoord verwijderen van je pc is meestal een slecht idee, tenzij het een machine is die thuis staat en je de enige bent die hem gebruikt. In dat geval kun je sneller opstarten door de inlog te verwijderen.

Microsoft stopt met gratis virusscanner voor Windows 7

Toen de ondersteuning voor Windows XP afliep, bleef Microsoft nog een behoorlijke tijd updates uitbrengen voor Microsoft Security Essentials. Hierdoor werd verwacht dat het bedrijf hetzelfde zou doen voor Windows 7, maar dat is dus niet het geval.

Zo voeg je stickers toe aan WhatsApp

Bestaat de emoticon voor wat je voelt niet? Je kunt je bericht op WhatsApp ook aanvullen met een sticker die je baseert op eigen foto's. We laten zien hoe dat werkt op iPhone en Android.

Sony geeft moderne tv’s nu al geen updates meer

Sony heeft een lijst met smart tv’s die een upgrade naar Android 9 zouden krijgen vrijgegeven en het blijkt dat veel moderne toestellen niet voorkomen op deze lijst.

Windows 10 Mobile ontvangt vandaag allerlaatste update

Wat Windows 10 Mobile (en Windows Phone) dood is, is al jaren bekend, ondanks dat krijgt het mobiele besturingssysteem nog wel beveiligingsupdates, tot nu.

De beste gratis tools om spionnen te frustreren

Er wordt heel wat digitaal gegrasduind door overheden, criminelen en zelfs vrienden of familie. Bescherm jezelf beter en kijk wat er allemaal met je pc gebeurt. In dit artikel vind je enkele gratis tools die je meer zicht geven.

Netgear Nighthawk XR700 Pro Gaming router review

Online gamen speelt een steeds grotere rol in de game-wereld en daar hoort natuurlijk een router bij die dat allemaal met gemak aankan. Gaming-routers bestaan al een tijd en zetten groots in op high-end onderdelen. Netgear doet er met de Nighthawk XR700 een schepje bovenop en wij testen het apparaat.

Linux, Android, macOS en meer kwetsbaar voor VPN-kaping

IT-onderzoekers melden een kwetsbaarheid die aanvallers in staat stelt om VPN-verkeer te achterhalen en over te nemen. Exacte details houden ze nog even onder de pet totdat er een oplossing is geïmplementeerd.

Miljoenen Microsoft-gebruikers hergebruiken gehackte wachtwoorden

Tientallen miljoenen gebruikers van Microsoft-diensten hanteren een combinatie van inloggegevens die al eens is buitgemaakt in een hack bij een andere online dienst. Het bedrijf dwingt bij deze gebruikers een wachtwoordreset af.

iPhone zou straks helemáál geen poorten meer hebben

De iPhone heeft in 2021 helemaal geen poorten meer over, zegt een analist die goed op de hoogte is van ontwikkelingen bij de toeleveranciers van Apple.

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If you take lots of screenshots on a Mac, you’ll love these little-known tips

(If you know an equivalent resource for Windows or Chrome, please let us know, and we’ll link to it from this page.) When you’re improving a website, you need to take many screenshots. Our team members take hundreds or thousands of them each year. So we were pleased when Corey Ginnivan of Appbot posted some extremely […]

The Infinite Manager (Part 3): An exercise to make you rethink how you manage projects

The following excerpt is from our in-house onboarding flow for new team members. We are publishing it as a series of articles, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The series describes the unconventional operating system that has enabled our small team to have such an impact on the web’s leading companies. In part 1, we explained why Meetings Managers […]

The Infinite Manager series

An unconventional way to manage your company We made the unusual decision to publish an extract from our in-house onboarding flow, which all new team members follow when they join us. It received so much positive feedback we have since published more, as a mini-series, which we’re calling The Infinite Manager. The articles describe the […]

Tools and tips: A website accelerator; MailChimp tips; scanning documents; an accessibility tool; and a logo test

Make your website load much faster Quicklink is a tiny script from GoogleChromeLabs that makes your pages load almost instantly. It works by prefetching every link that’s currently visible in the viewport (so it works on every page except the page on which the visitor arrived). It works as follows… Detects links within the viewport […]

How to get an unfair advantage

Would you like your business to become easier to grow each year? If so, you need what Warren Buffett calls a moat. We have written elsewhere about strategies to beat your competitors. One particularly effective strategy is to build what Warren Buffett calls a moat. A moat is an economic advantage that protects a company […]

Tips and tools: Realistic mockups; email templates; full-page screenshots on mobile; and more

Bring your designs to life with beautiful, realistic object mockups When we announced our Blueprint Report service, it took us over an hour to take the photos: We could have used Yellow Images instead. Yellow Images allows you to create object mockups (iPhones, iPads, mugs, T-shirts, etc.) from your designs, to show what they’ll look […]

Tips and tools: Optimize your forms; understand machine learning; become a Google Sheets ninja; and more

Understand how machine learning works—by reading these comics from Google Google has partnered again with Scott McCloud, who in 2008 created the comic that was used to announce Google’s new browser, Chrome. Google’s latest comics are about how machine learning works and how federated learning works. You’ll find them useful if you have a vague […]

“Past the seven-figure mark of increased revenue,” for affiliate network MoreNiche

MoreNiche is an international affiliate network. A short video interview with the client A transcript of the video “Our experience with Conversion Rate Experts has been brilliant from day one. They’re professional, they deliver results. The way they handle themselves, the way they work with you and communicate—that was fantastic. “Our experience with Conversion Rate […]

Tips and tools: Easy conversion calculators; DIY videos; and horrendous panoramic dogs

An easy way to add a calculator to your website ConvertCalculator allows you to add calculators to your website easily. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s for creating conversion calculators; it’s for creating anything that does calculations. The examples on its website are for a quote builder, a pricing calculator, a solar-power […]

“Almost doubled revenue to $1.3 million” for glimp, a broadband comparison website

glimp is a broadband comparison website. A short video interview with the client A transcript of the video “Our experience with CRE has been fantastic so far. We’ve seen so many positive results. We’ve almost doubled revenue, and that equates to about $1.3 million. If you are at that stage and you’ve got an online-heavy […]